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Established 1982

Jeff Ross Entertainment (JRE) is a Literary Management and Production company founded in 1982. JRE specializes in managing screenwriters and directors, and developing film and TV projects with them.

Jeff Ross, Founder and past President of JRE, created a literary division that comes with longstanding relationships in Hollywood, and New York. His career began in production working on such hit television shows as “All In The Family,” “One Day At A Time,” “Maude,” “Good Times,” and “The Jefferson’s,” and such specials as “The Grammy Awards,” and “Kennedy Center Honors.” Jeff moved into the talent representation field by working at the prestigious William Morris Agency. After several successful years there, he opened his own personal management firm, Jeff Ross Entertainment.

Shareen Ross has served as Vice President of JRE under Jeff Ross since 2005, where she had the following responsibilities: coverage and feedback on literary submissions and queries, setting direction on JRE marketing and talent strategy, and operational support for the back office. She has over thirty-five years of experience in business development involving innovative new ideas and technology, relationship management and collaborative team building, and successful complex project management and execution through her career at a major global technology and consulting corporation. In September 2015, Shareen succeeded Jeff Ross as the President and Owner of JRE. She is a member of the Professional Representatives Peer Group of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Richard Reiner has joined JRE combining forces to bridge the artists, the properties, and the business together. Richard has been involved in the industry in many aspects since the mid seventies and worked as an actor, writer, talent agent and artist. Richard was Vice President of Commercials Unlimited for 22 years where he negotiated several celebrity endorsements and worked on building the careers of many young talent who have gone on to have impressive careers. Richard served on the board of the Association of Talent Agents for twelve years. He also served on the board of directors for No Limits, a non-profit school and arts for the hearing impaired. At No Limits, he was a principle leader in establishing the development of the theatre and educational programs since its inception in 1996.

JRE is committed to bringing quality works of substance dealing with humanity, the world and times we live in, and the things that engage us all in a meaningful and memorable experience. We are passionate about the people we represent and the properties they create.

Feature film projects currently in development:

  • Alice: "Se7en" meets "Prisoners" in this detective noir version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Optioned to Array Pictures
  • Crickets: A depressed office drone is given a second chance at life when his dying brother makes a very unusual Last Request of him. Optioned to Mike Dirnt ('Green Day') and Pat Magnarella, Green Day’s longtime manager.
  • The Field: A group of strangers awake to find themselves in an endless field, with only their instincts and a collection of seemingly random items to help them find a way out. Optioned to Dune Entertainment & Stormchaser Films.
  • Gotham Hotel: After a brutal mass murder, a crime scene cleaning crew is called in to work the job at a hotel with a horrific past that ties back to America’s first documented serial killer: Dr. H. H. Holmes. Optioned to Artimage Entertainment.
  • The Haunting of Eastern State Penitentiary: A team of Paranormal Investigators go to the most haunted prison on the planet, Eastern State Penitentiary, to disprove and logically explain why people say it's "haunted." Optioned to Stefan Vorzacek of Filmachine.
  • Pecking Order: Imagine - what was it like to be The Ramones or The Clash six months before they broke? This animated film is set in a world of birds, where only songbirds are allowed to sing, and other birds...aren't. Hanging on to your dreams, no matter how unattainable, no matter the obstacle, is the difference between thriving and surviving. And it just might start a social revolution. Optioned to Gulfstream Pictures.

Television projects currently in development:

  • The Acid Chronicles, a mini-series for television.
  • Divorced By 30, a half-hour comedy in the vein of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER meets HITCH.

Literary projects that recently sold their motion picture rights:

  • Human Game, by Simon Read. The true story of the “Great Escape” murders and the hunt for the Gestapo Gunmen, sold to Abrams Artists Agency.
  • Blood & Whiskey, by Peter Krass. The life and times of Jack Daniel, sold to Brownstone Entertainment.

Additional Properties currently being represented:

  • The Third Place: Supernatural Thriller. Will Reinhardt, a disgraced former cop turned insurance investigator, begins looking into suspicious fires and accidents which can not be rationally explained, until a series of strange letters point him in the direction of a sin he’d rather forget, a sin that left him with one dead son, and one estranged son, Elliot. Will doesn’t know it yet, but he is being tested by the Nine Torments of Purgatory, a medieval legend, and must overcome them to save Elliot’s life.
  • Who Gets The Andersons?: Comedy. Two couples, the Andersons and the Lees, have been tight since college. So tight they call themselves The Four Musketeers. But all is not what it seems. The Lees are divorcing - but - very amiably. They agree on how to divvy up everything, down to the pair of teacup maltese dogs they own: she gets one, he gets the other. But there's one thing they can't agree on: the Andersons. Who gets the Andersons? This is a comedy about what happens when couples split up and fight over their mutual friends.
  • First On The Block: Family/Comedy. A coming of age story in the vein of John Hughes. Four 12 year old boys, ranging from the wannabe hipster to the squeaky voiced bedwetter, get permission from their parents to camp out overnight on the sidewalk waiting for the release of the latest video game system. But the boys' real agenda? Getting their first kiss. It will involve a little blackmail, a lot of guts, luck, and some harrowing near misses, as they leave the line in pursuit of their quest.
  • The Fixer: Comedy/Drama. Vincent Weir, a modern day Don Draper, after being fired from his job as a spin doctor, attends his 20th high school reunion, where he unearths a time capsule he buried at age 17. In it he finds a letter he wrote: "Where I Will Be In 20 Years." His youthful, idealistic words come as a shock to him, and he realizes just how far off track he's gone. He begins a journey to become the man he always wanted to be.
  • Remember Me: Drama. An elite team of F.B.I. Special Agents uses a new experimental technology to enter the memories of criminals & witnesses to solve cases.
  • The Evil Within: Mystery/Suspense. In order to stop a terrifying haunting, a Detective and a prominent Psychiatrist dig into the secrets of a disturbed young woman's past who fears a vengeful spirit is trying to possess her...
  • Solus: Political Thriller. After a political assassination, ex-cop turned bounty hunter Clint Walker travels to an ungoverned city on the sea to bring back the man responsible but ends up uncovering a larger conspiracy that ties back to the death of his own son… This script tackles the hot-button political issue of Seasteading.
  • L Train: Thriller. Four American tourists find themselves trapped in a realm between this world and the next when they accidentally catch a ride on a metro train not meant for the living…
  • State Secret OPTIONLOCK: Action/Thriller. A Black Ops agent recovering from mission-induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, must overcome his own demons and risk death to prevent his now-rogue Commanding Officer from destroying Washington DC, assassinating the President, suspending Congress, and imposing martial law.
  • State Secret D-RAD: Political Thriller. Washington D.C. - While investigating a Senator’s death, an insurance investigator has to put aside his hostility towards his own detective-brother as they uncover a political conspiracy. Emanating from the very highest level of government, the conspirators plot to keep-secret a developing political situation guaranteed to devastate the U.S. economy and end America’s position as a global superpower.
  • re:INCARNATE: Supernatural Thriller. New York businesswoman POPPY VAN GAARD survives a surreal attack and undergoes a Near Death Experience. In her search for answers, she turns to regressional hypnotherapy. Through a revolutionary computer which converts memories into images, she learns her attacker is an immortal religious fanatic determined to retrieve information locked inside her memory from a previous incarnation. Information he’s going to use to trigger Armageddon…
  • The Pimpernel: Family/Comedy Adventure. France, 1789; The French Revolution and English Lord SIR PERCY BLAKENEY has no option but to turn himself into masked super-hero The Scarlet Pimpernel as — equipped with a slew of high-tech weaponized gadgets which enable him to fly, vanish and leap tall buildings in a single bound — he seeks to rescue his uncle from execution, identify the murderer of his cousin and save the life of the woman he loves.
  • Argonauts: Family/Adventure. Ancient Greece - in order to resurrect his murdered fiancée and take revenge on her attacker, a timid goatherder must find and retrieve the mystical Golden Fleece by assembling a crew of Argonauts, undertaking a perilous journey off the edges of the map, battling supernatural creatures and struggling to overcome his own weaknesses.
  • Movienet: Family/Adventure/Animation. When a mysterious storm threatens a fairytale kingdom, a charlatan dragon slayer, the King's daughter and two incompetent bandits must bury their differences and work together to prevent the storm from destroying their world. A world which, unbeknown to them, exists on a computer server whose disk array is being formatted by a faulty discharge of static electricity -- which they see as the storm. The server itself is just one of many mainframes which form part of an online movie service called MovieNet which houses an infinite number of worlds, or as we call them: MOVIES. And as our heroes venture out of their world in search of their salvation, their comedic adventures take them into many movies all familiar to moviegoing audiences…
  • Dinossault: Action/Adventure. A gung-ho Marine and nerdy physicist have just hours to figure out how to prevent humankind's extinction, after an Area 51 research project misfires opening a temporal rift, unleashing hordes of dinosaurs which assault Las Vegas. The rift then spreads worldwide pitting the human race against millions of the most ruthless predators the world has ever seen.
  • Mobius Strip: Psychological Thriller. MOBIUS STRIP is told from the point of view of an artist who makes the biggest mistake possible –- he accidentally kills another person, though he doesn’t realize it.
  • Sir Ivanhoe: Historical/Adventure. The battle for freedom is the price of true love. Ivanhoe must battle tyrants to save the woman he loves, prevent the king's wicked brother from ruling, and stop an evil Djinn from world domination. Robin Hood and The Sheriff of Nottingham; King Arthur and Merlin; Braveheart and Longshanks -- all are well known protagonists/antagonists from medieval British folklore. Included in this list should be Ivanhoe and de Bois-Guilbert, a dramatic pairing where one’s epic heroic proportions are balanced only by the other’s villainous ruthlessness. Adapted from the classic novel by Sir Walter Scott, think GAME OF THRONES meets BRAVEHEART or ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES.